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SportIdent SRR module

The SPORTident short range radio (SRR) enables wireless transmission of SPORTident data records over distances of up to 8 metres, enabling the transmission of data from controls (BSF8-SRR units) or SIAC cards (Air+ applications) a short distance to a reciever. Both Kestrel and Eider units can take the SRR receiver module, allowing the unit to be placed in a suitable position away from the control site (e.g. to somewhere with better GSM coverage) without the need for lengthy ‘digging in’ or other form of cable protection.


Key SRR Features

  • SRR red and blue receiver modules can be integrated into both Kestrel and Eider units
  • Kestrel / Eider SRR units can be used at individual controls to enable better placement of telemetry equipment, up to 8 metres away from the actual control site
  • Up to two SRR inputs can be received by a Kestrel / Eider SRR unit at controls with mulitple units (e.g. final / finish). These can be merged with one standard RS232 input
  • Eider / Kestrel SRR units can be daisy chained with other Eider / Kestrel units to allow a greater number of SRR and RS232 inputs (e.g. at Air+ events when non-SIAC cards are also used)
  • Compatible with both autosend control and autosend download formats from SportIdent
  • Not compatible with EMIT fly-by technology


SRR documentation from SportIdent
punching SRR set ups
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