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Merge module

Both the Kestrel and Eider units are capable of acting as a merge unit. This allows data from multiple serial inputs to be combined into a single data output stream for a wired connection. Typically merges are used for connecting final controls and finish lines to a commentary system. The maximum recommended distance for a RS322 signal to be transmitted over a standard ethernet (RJ45) cable is 30m. For transmitting data greater distances (up to 1km), the merge module can convert the output stream to a standard RS422 interface.

Key Merge Features

  • Can merge up to three RS232 input streams, or two SRR plus one RS232 input streams
  • Generates a RS232 output
  • Includes adaptor to convert output to RS422 for transmission over longer distances
  • Only needs a line driver when output terminates at a PC
  • Can be daisy-chained for additional inputs
  • Internal RAM for high throughput applications
  • Contained within Eider and Kestrel units enabling concurrent wireless transmission, if needed
  • Compatible with both autosend control and autosend download formats from SportIdent
  • Compatible with standard online controls from EMIT


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