GPProjects provides a number of products and solutions to enable transfer of data from a radio control to a base, be that for commentary, safety or live results on a website. All products are compatible with each other, SportIdent control units, SI-AIR+ control units and EMIT control units (but not EMIT-flyby), and most commentary software packages (e.g. AutOdownload, OE/OSSpeaker, and Mercs).


Product List

Primary use

Can act as merge?

Can take SportIdent SRR module?

RS232 / RS422 input & output


Eider system

GPRS-linked radio controlYesYesYesOften used for controls in remote areas. Can work with minimal GPRS network.

Kestrel system

Voice-radio linked radio controlYesYesYesCan be used with TA200 and GP300 radios


Product Deployment Schematic


Timeline of product development

Our product offerings have evolved over time, and most recently went through a major overhaul for use in the World Championship 2015.