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About us

Corporate Vision

We believe that outdoor sporting events are enhanced by reliable telemetry services. At GPProjects we provide technically excellent products, and a professional service, to help you deliver this aspect of your event.

Brief Corporate History

GPProjects started in 1994 providing event management and lighting design services.

During 1997 / 98 we had a close collaboration with the Special Projects department of Midnight Design Ltd. where many one off special products were designed and built.

It was in 1998 that one of our clients asked us to design a custom DMX control product which gave birth to our bespoke product design service. This part of the business soon took over from the productions arm to become our main focus, as we specialised in contract design of electronic products. GPProjects now has a portfolio of products to which we have retained the rights.

From 2003 GPProjects launched its event services arm providing orienteering and outdoor sporting events with on-site radio control and telemetry services, utilising in-house designed and developed products.

GPProjects soon became the defacto-standard for orienteering radio control systems that were used by major event organisers across the globe. As our products have become more user-friendly, events are increasingly choosing to rent or buy the equipment for deployment themselves. In response to an increasingly global business, GPProjects recently refocused to support event organisers remotely.

Today GPProjects remains at the fore-front of radio telemetry systems for outdoor sporting events and we look forward to helping you with your next event.

The GPProjects Board

Ian Marsden – Director
Paul Marshall – Director & Company Secretary

Company Registration: 04498723