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Orienteering Major Events

Most major orienteering events now include a live commentary to enhance the atmosphere in the finish arena. GPProjects can provide technical staff on site to deploy the equipment, and provide technical support to the commentators. GPProjects has supported the commentary team on most major events in the UK since 2003, working with both SportIdent and EMIT timing systems, and SITiming, AutODownload, OESpeaker and Mercs commentary software.

GPProjects can supply all the computer equipment and radio controls needed to provide the commentators with up to the minute race information, from the forest and the official results system. Additionally, GPProjects can supply a public address (PA) system, or source a commentary van depending on the size of the event.


Key considerations

  • The choice of control(s) to link for commentary, and the positioning of the commentary van is critically important, and should be considered early in the planning process. Input from GPProjects and the commentators is highly recommended.
  • Less is more – restrained numbers and efficient use of radio controls can feed exciting commentary. Too much information is overwhelming. Usually this is just 1 or 2 remote controls, covering courses of interest, and the final and finish controls;
  • Radio controls are typically the control before a spectator or final control. Allow for some delay (usually 2-5mins) between punch and being able to see the athlete;
  • Use common controls for relays;
  • Any timed-out road crossings need to be have radio controls on each side;
  • Radio controls cannot be visited twice by athletes;
  • SPORTIdent radio controls use BSM7 master stations (the large, rectangular ones) for remote control sites and BSF8 control units (the smaller, triangular ones) for the final/finish controls. Stakes/cradles need to used for radio controls that accommodate these.
  • Commentary van must be within 100m from download, and be afforded a good view of the run-in and/or spectator control(s);
  • A Wi-fi connection between download and commentary is not acceptable;
  • Site visits by commentators or GPProjects staff can be arranged to discuss arena layout or other area issues;
  • Event costs depend on requirements – see table below – but typically JK-sized events are ~£400/day and smaller events are ~£300/day.



On the day, the GPProjects team will set out the radio controls, cable links to the finish and download, and set up the computers in the commentary van in time for the first start, when the commentators begin their job. GPProjects will remain on site, providing technical support throughout the event.

For more information, our guides for event officials discuss more of our typical recommendations and examples.


Rental price list



Rental price (/unit/event day)

Kestrel control

Two Kestrel transmitter / receiver units, plus TA200 radio*
* For use within Europe. Please contact us to discuss deployment outside of the EU

Kestrel merge

Kestrel transmitter / receiver unit + RS422 to USB converter£20

Eider control

Eider GSM checkpoint unit (including SIM)£30

SportIdent radio controls

SPORTident Master station BSM7-RS232 £6.60

SportIdent SRR controls

SPORTident Station BSF8-SRR£6.60


Public Address System (1 x Adastra 120W Mixer Amplifier, 4 x 30W TOA Horns, 2 x PG58 Microphones, 1 x CD Player). Suitable for smaller events. Cannot be shipped.£90

Commentary computers

Laptop computer with 17" screen, plus secondary screen.£40

GPProjects labour

We do not charge for our time, but we charge mileage. If we have incremental costs, such as an additional night's accomodation, we reserve the right to charge a contribution. 25p/mile

All prices exclude VAT. Hire prices are billed per event day