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Sale and Rental

All Eider and Kestrel products listed on this website are available to rent or purchase for deployment by event teams.


Key considerations

  • The equipment deployment schematic, right, shows how the products can be connected together with an event server, to provide race data to commentators or event safety officials
  • Most equipment is plug-and-play, but user guides provide detailed instructions on set up.
  • If using Eiders where no internet is available at base / event arena, a MiFi receiver (or equivalent) is required
  • AutOdownload / SITiming can accept data straight from the Eider service, but GPProjects software Retriever will be needed for other commentary software packages

If you wish to hire our equipment, please contact us to discuss your requirements.






Product price lists




Purchase price

Kestrel control

Two Kestrel transmitter / receiver units
(N.B. sold without radio)

Kestrel merge

Kestrel transmitter / receiver unit plus RS422 to USB converter£350


RS422 (merge feed) to USB converter£50

Eider control

Eider GSM transmitter unit£400

Eider kit

Eider unit plus MiFi receiver£450

SRR modules

SRR upgrade (red & blue receivers) of Eider or Kestrel unit£75


Any network GPRS SIM£23.52/year





Rental price (/unit/event day)

Kestrel control

Two Kestrel transmitter / receiver units, plus TA200 radio*
* For use within Europe. Please contact us to discuss deployment outside of the EU

Kestrel merge

Kestrel transmitter / receiver unit + RS422 to USB converter£20

Eider control

Eider GSM checkpoint unit (including SIM)£30

SportIdent radio controls

SPORTident Master station BSM7-RS232 £6.60

SportIdent SRR controls

SPORTident Station BSF8-SRR£6.60


Public Address System (1 x Adastra 120W Mixer Amplifier, 4 x 30W TOA Horns, 2 x PG58 Microphones, 1 x CD Player). Suitable for smaller events. Cannot be shipped.£90

Commentary computers

Laptop computer with 17" screen, plus secondary screen.£40

GPProjects labour

We do not charge for our time, but we charge mileage. If we have incremental costs, such as an additional night's accomodation, we reserve the right to charge a contribution. 25p/mile

All prices exclude VAT and delivery (postage will be charged at cost). Hire prices are billed per event day.
The equipment will typically be sent to you during the week before your event. Please return the equipment as soon as your event has finished.